Investor Relations for Mining Company Case Study

Situation: Western Exploration had just become a publicly-listed company and wanted help with their investor relations program. They brought in G8 to develop and oversee retail investor marketing, shareholder engagement, and help the company with the overall look and feel of shareholder outreach and materials.

Results: G8 helped polish and amplify the Western messages, created robust social channels, and an effective shareholder newsletter. We also helped create a variety of outreach materials and a tradeshow booth for investor events like the Prospector & Developers Association of Canada and the New Orleans Investment Conference. We helped Western increase shareholder touchpoints and social media engagement by more than 40% in just the first year.

“G8 Strategies has been a welcome addition to our investor relations team. Western Exploration, as a newly listed public company, needed a creative and effective retail marketing strategy to help us tell our story and engage with shareholders. G8’s expertise across the marketing disciplines provides an exploration company like ours a full marketing and IR department that has “been there and done that”. We are extremely happy with the results thus far.”

Darcy Marud, CEO, Western Exploration

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