Mining Investor Relations Strategy and Brand Revitalization Case Study

Situation: With operations in four countries and through two mergers, Tahoe Resources Inc. acquired, explored and developed silver and gold properties in the Americas. As one of the founding executives, Ira was a key driver in marketing the company’s $350 million Initial Public Offering. In 2018, Pan American Silver acquired Tahoe Resources.

Results: Ira’s IR team was responsible for all stakeholder and shareholder communications as the company grew into a $5 billion multi-national, publicly traded company through two exchange listings. Ira led the team through a brand refresh and even had the opportunity to design the company’s new offices. He was responsible for all aspects of the company’s public face, from messaging and voice to corporate presentations, to human resources documents, annual reports, sustainability reports and shareholder events. The team grew research to ten analysts, created a variety of engagement tools and built an extensive retail following for the company.

“Ira was the founding investor relations officer at Tahoe Resources and helped build our investment base from our 2010 IPO and for many years following. He excelled at creating strong relationships with our analysts and institutional shareholders as well as building a significant retail following that stayed with us through our eventual acquisition.”


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