Neurable Public Relations Strategy Case Study


Situation: Neurable is a startup, brain-computer interface neurotech company developing its flagship, productivity monitoring audio headphones. Not just another pair of high-quality audio and noise-canceling headphones, Enten measures and monitors productivity through EEG sensors in the ear cups, providing listeners real-time data to help them gain time back during the day and increase personal productivity. Neurable hired G8 to navigate the company’s marketing, investor relations and public relations strategies.

Results: Ira was asked to be part of the senior management lineup as their interim head of marketing and the entire G8 team participated in all marketing activities including growing Neurable’s social media to astronomical numbers. When G8 took over marketing, social media engagement rose nearly 100%, inbound requests for speaking and media doubled, and public events (Discord, Zoom and town hall meetings) grew more than 75%. The G8 team also garnered a national award for the Neurable’s annual report.

“Ira Gostin is a total superhero. He joined our team during a transition, when we needed a marketing guru to tackle a big task in a short amount of time. Ira came in, organized his team of experts, and knocked out every challenge—no matter how big or small. In addition, he is an incredible individual. He takes responsibility, learns quickly, innovates accordingly, and is a true team player. I feel like he always has our back, and that feeling is priceless.”


Award-Winning Annual Report

Earned Media

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