Mining Recruitment Marketing Case Study

Situation: MRC is a leader in executive, board, mining and engineering recruiting in the mining sector. We were approached by them to revitalize their brand, create a new website and engage their audience through a largely inactive social media network. We conducted a VisionQuest, G8’s brand revitalization program, to give new direction to the company’s voice.

Our team developed that new voice, a brand book that highlighted a distinctive brand color palette, marketing tagline and all new stakeholder communication forms and marketing tools. We designed and implemented a stakeholder communication program with email outreach, new social media applications and a fresh website that presents itself uniquely to each of MRC’s two main customer segments.

Results: Engagement rose across the board and engagement numbers have grown by more than 20% every year. Website bounce rates of nearly 40% have been significantly lowered and today the company averages a 35% open rate on the revitalized email newsletter. G8 is still growing each of the social channels and there is steady progress engaging prospective clients. All of this activity has helped MRC grow revenues and help more companies build their teams.

“The G8 team has been instrumental in our brand refresh, new website launch and subsequent marketing materials. They have an outstanding ability to understand our business and distill a plan to move forward with clear and manageable steps, and Ira coaches you through the entire process. I absolutely trust him with our brand; he has been an invaluable resource.”



Branding Collateral

Branding Collateral