It’s the summer of Taylor Swift and Barbie. With the theme of Go Big! And not to be outdone is Mother Nature is bringing some big heat waves to us regardless of where we live.

At the core is the idea of BIG marketing and BIG ideas. If you live in a cave and haven’t been paying attention to Swift, you’re missing out on some incredible global numbers. Her Eras tour is a year and a half long, crisscrossing the globe with nearly 100 concerts. (These numbers are estimates and projections as tour stops are constantly added).

Her three-plus hour set features 44 songs and over a dozen costume changes. She “broke the Internet” when her tickets went on sale when Ticketmaster crashed. This all leads to an estimated gross of $1.5 billion in ticket sales. Billion. That is just concert sales and does not include endorsements, merchandise, or music sales and royalties.

She has reinvented the marketing playbook for entertainers in her short 15-year career. She has become a master of using the internet to engage and she understands each and every segment of her audience. Her Instagram page alone has 269 million followers.

She engages with her fans and presents an authentic, real picture of who she is through her music and concerts, and fans respond with their wallets. She is a master storyteller and it all combines into marketing genius.

And last month the world turned pink! Barbie and Ken made their big-screen debut. Full disclosure, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it is all around us. From Google turning pink when you search “Barbie” or “Barbie Movie” to Burger King, Crocs, the Gap, Pinkberry yogurt, and the list goes on. There are underwear, sneakers, roller blades, cosmetics, t-shirts, seat covers, and more.

And one of the most wild the AirBnB Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse. Yes, it’s real.

Heineken even got in on the fun with a billboard in their classic green with just the last three letters of their brand name showing.

Sure, it’s easy to go big when you have a $100 million-plus marketing budget, but the lesson here is that sometimes going big is definitely better. In both cases, Swift and Mattel/Warner Brothers set out to make a giant brand statement and it worked.

Three marketing lessons from the Summer of Barbie & Swift?

  1. Know your audience. Really dive in to understand what they want. (Ask them, they will tell you!)
  2. Make a statement. Have a message and put it out there.
  3. Don’t be afraid to Go Big! Find the right partners and the right creative and embrace your pink!

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