Nearly all companies try to emerge above the constant noise of external communications, and many look to social media as a quick fix. The mining resource ecosphere is no different.

While social media is a useful instrument, it’s not quick, nor should it be undertaken lightly or without a deep strategy. When used correctly, though, social media can be a positive, effective tool in a company’s communications toolbox.

Mining isn’t a typical product company. The product is the stock, and the customers are shareholders, so it takes some finesse to put it all together. But all of this information is absolutely applicable to engaging with this “customer” base.

Unlike in years past, investors today expect engagement with companies they invest with or have on their watch list.

Here are five primary social media tactics to help your company create shareholder and stakeholder engagement and help you move the needle.

Mining is Cool, Use Visuals

Mining is cool. Big equipment, fascinating work and specialized employee tasks create a huge variety of potential social posts. Whether it’s still photos or video, people are curious to see what goes on at the mine or exploration project.

A combination of visuals showing off the work being done, with explanations in the post, not only helps educate investors, but keeps them engaged with what a company is doing. Think of it as a window into mining. Proper form and PPE are a must, along with a clean operating area. Including all the jobs, miners, drillers, engineers, hydrologists and geologists, in your social media can helps bring positive morale to your team as well. Every position in a mining operation contributes, so profiling everyone can really add depth to your story.


Infographics Can Win You Attention

Psychological studies have shown that visual communications connect 60 times greater than just facts and figures, and a story resonates 22 times more than just facts and figures. The takeaway? Use visuals to tell your story and strengthen your brand recognition!

An infographic can communicate diverse aspects of an operation in an informative, easy to follow format. Graphics can activate the mind of the viewer using several parts of the brain, called neural coupling, to make them more memorable. This makes visual storytelling far more immersive. It can appeal to emotions, and those emotions can lead to new hires, investment and sales.


It’s Called Social Media for a Reason

Some companies simply post their news releases on their social channels without further comment or discussion. Bam! Here it is. But that type of one-way communication is contrary to the science of social media.

Sharing articles of interest on your social channels begins the process of engagement. After you post, comment and participate in the discussions. Share what others are saying, but include your own thoughts. Follow experts on your channels and share when they have something of interest to your group.

It shouldn’t be just you doing this, though. Encourage your team members to do the same. It increases your net of information and leverages the networks of others. It also positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

All of this takes time, and you likely can’t do it all on your own while still running your company. Specialized social media and content creators are a must to help a company amplify its brand and story above the market noise. An employee dedicated to social media can set clear and specific goals for its outcome. They can build a social calendar and use it to support your company’s overall strategy.


Which Channels Matter?

LinkedIn is the preferred social media channel for mining companies because it’s a more businesslike platform than others. Video summaries of press releases, interviews and CSR updates shared on the platform can all lend themselves to solid engagement with your stakeholders.

If you are in a hiring mode, Facebook can also be a positive tool, targeting workers and their spouses, who might be looking for a change. If you have an extra visual operation, and (hint) most mining companies do, Instagram can also be a valuable platform to bring a younger demographic to your story.

No matter which channels you use, posts should be professional, articulate your company’s values and reiterate your story.


Email Marketing & Monthly Newsletters.

I can’t tell you how many companies with which I sign up to receive emails, and then never hear from them. That’s a wasted opportunity to engage with current and potential shareholders. Email marketing can help sustain relationships with and engage stakeholders. Share upcoming projects and give updates on current ones. Keep these recipients in the know.

When people feel like an “insider” (the emotional definition, not the investment one), they are 10 times more likely to engage with a company. After all, they’ve allowed you into their inbox because they’re interested! Your newsletter can share milestones and send viewers to your website, adding greater SEO and keyword command authority. Be careful, though. This type of marketing should be sent with clockwork regularity so investors can expect to receive them.


Social Media Can Engage Your Investor Base. Don’t Miss Out.

While social media can be fun, light and entertaining, that’s far from its only purpose. You have a much more engaged investor base when you keep stakeholders involved in conversations. Engaged investors buy stock, create liquidity and keep the needle moving.

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