Strategic Communications & Investor Relations Firm

Communications is The Voice of Business Success

G8 Strategies is an award-winning strategic-thinking communications firm. We create engaging communications strategies specifically designed to tell our clients’ stories in thoughtful, innovative ways.

Our practice involves investor relations, public relations, marketing and strategy for global clients. We activate brands and help clients amplify their story to move the needle.

The best way to reach shareholders and prospective clients is to tell a great story. Psychological studies illustrate that well-told stories resonate and drive action 22 times more than facts and figures alone. Astute CEOs know it and G8 does too.

Global Brands We Have Worked With


Investor Relations

We work with public companies to engage their shareholders in effective, meaningful ways. Our area of specialty is creating strategic campaigns in the retail investing sector.

Global Public Relations

Great business begins with a great story. We help companies find and amplify their voice and create messaging specifically designed to move the needle. We operate in both paid and earned media arenas and use our exceptional skills to tell your company’s unique story.

Brand Creation & Revitalization

Your company’s brand isn’t merely a logo or tag line. It’s a promise to your customers, the heart and soul of your firm. We take the time to research and analyze all facets of a brand to ensure you deliver the right message at the right time, to the right customers and stakeholders.

Strategic Development

We use Design Thinking concepts to assess a company’s path, goals and objectives while creating an innovative strategy to accomplish your company’s targets.



“The G8 team has been instrumental in our brand refresh, new website launch and subsequent marketing materials. They have an outstanding ability to understand our business and distill a plan to move forward with clear and manageable steps, and Ira coaches you through the entire process. I absolutely trust him with our brand; he has been an invaluable resource.”

Lindsey Schultz, CEO, MRC Recruiting
Northern Nevada International Center

“Ira Gostin and his team provided awesome support for our rebranding campaign. They worked closely with our entire team and used a collaborative approach to come up with the best fit for our organization. It was a pleasure working with and learning from Ira.” 

Carina A. Black, Ph.D., Executive Director, Northern Nevada International Center
Tahoe Resources Inc.

“Ira was the founding investor relations officer at Tahoe Resources and helped build our investment base from our 2010 IPO and for many years following. He excelled at creating strong relationships with our analysts and institutional shareholders as well as building a significant retail following that stayed with us through our eventual acquisition.”

Ron Clayton, President & CEO, Tahoe Resources Inc.

“Ira and his team have a unique ability to see the core of every issue. Their guidance and advice helped us hone our brand voice and develop a logical path for delivering our message to both investors and end-clients. Ira is a no-nonsense, honest communicator, and offers constructive criticism in a way that inspires you to improve your message.”

Mark Lander, President & CEO, SpectTIR

“Ira Gostin is a total superhero. He joined our team during a transition, when we needed a marketing guru to tackle a big task in a short amount of time. Ira came in, organized his team of experts, and knocked out every challenge—no matter how big or small. In addition, he is an incredible individual. He takes responsibility, learns quickly, innovates accordingly, and is a true team player. I feel like he always has our back, and that feeling is priceless.”

Dr. Ramses Alcaide, CEO, Co-Founder, Neurable
Astra Exploration

“G8 Strategies helped Astra Exploration build up our investor relations strategies from our IPO until we hired someone full-time in the IR role. They focused on telling our story and helping us connect with shareholders via social media,  monthly newsletters and a variety of marketing tools.  G8’s expertise and creativity in delivering investor relations was very helpful during the time that Astra was just getting started as  a company.”

Brian Miller, President, CEO & Director, Astra Exploration
Western Exploration
“G8 Strategies have been a welcome addition to our investor relations team. Western Exploration, as a newly listed public company, needed a creative and effective retail marketing strategy to help us tell our story and engage with shareholders. G8’s expertise across the marketing disciplines provides an exploration company like ours a full marketing and IR department that has “been there and done that”. We are extremely happy with the results thus far.”
Darcy Marud, CEO, Western Exploration